Wednesday, 28 September 2016


My Instagram feed has been inundated with images of gorgeous smoothie bowls recently so I thought it was about time that I got in on the act!

Smoothie bowls have two key components  the smoothie (obvs!) and the toppings. The smoothie needs to be thicker than a regular smoothie and to have a spoonable texture. For a totally dreamy, creamy smoothie, it helps if you use a frozen fruit base  banana is the classic, but other frozen fruits can be used too. As far as the toppings are concerned, let your imagination run riot! From an aesthetic point of view, it's nice to use ingredients in a range of colours but try to choose flavours that complement those of the smoothie. I've used fresh fruit and coconut flakes for my toppings, but nuts, seeds and/or granola (especially for a breakfast smoothie bowl) would make delicious additions and add a tasty crunch.

I'm really pleased with this recipe  it's seriously yummy. I'm definitely going to keep trying different combinations and I'm sure that my kids will be willing guinea pigs when it comes to the tasting!

Mango, banana & coconut smoothie bowl

Serves 1
1 banana, cut into chunks
½ mango, stoned, peeled and chopped
125g coconut-flavoured yogurt (I used Lidl's fat-free Greek-style coconut and vanilla yogurt  fab value at 89p for four 125-g pots)
1 tbsp unsweetened coconut flakes
1 kiwi, peeled and chopped

The day before, place the banana chunks on a baking tray and open-freeze. (They can be transferred to a freezer bag once they are hard.)

Set aside some of the mango for the topping, then put the remainder in a blender (or in the beaker of a stick blender) with the frozen banana and blend until completely smooth. Stir in the yogurt, then spoon the smoothie into a serving bowl.

Top the smoothie with the reserved mango, the coconut flakes and kiwi. Dig in before the smoothie has a chance to melt too much.

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