Sunday, 4 September 2016

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Louisa, a UK-based thirty-something mummy to two hungry and somewhat fussy small children. My blog is for anyone who loves food – whether cooking it, eating it or just reading about it!

For many years, I worked as an editor/project manager for a major book publisher, first working on children's books, then on adult non-fiction titles and finally on cookbooks. I loved my job, which involved coming up with book concepts and following them through - liaising with food writers, designers, photographers and many others - to the printed book. Unfortunately, book publishing has struggled in recent years and this resulted in me taking voluntary redundancy in 2015. It was a difficult decision for me at the time, but the silver lining is that it's enabled me to take time out to spend with my two young girls as they grow up.

Food and cooking remain passions of mine, which is a blessing considering that I’m now chief caterer for our family of four! Like most people, however, I feel that cooking for the family can become a chore when you’re doing it day in, day out. It can be tough finding meals that suit everyone, but I quickly realised that that was exactly what I needed to do if I wanted us all to eat as a family.

So who make up the four I feed? I've told you about me (although I haven't yet mentioned my chain tea-drinking, love of cake and shameful takeaway pizza habit).

My chief taster (and washer-upper) is my long-suffering husband Andy. He's a self-employed business analyst and all-round computer expert. And a brilliant hands-on daddy. He hates mushrooms ('the devil's fungi') and loves peas ('the king of vegetables').

Next up is Eve. She's five and a half going on 15. She loves football, the colour yellow and, to my shame, CBeebies. Her favourite dinners are macaroni cheese and fish and chips, and she'd happily only ever eat those two meals if I'd let her.

Finally, there's Alexa, who's nearly two. She's my girly girl who loves cuddly toys, dolls and animals. She'll eat platefuls of pasta but is suspicious of any potato that isn't presented in chip form. She's recently learnt the word 'yuck' and delights in using it frequently.

We like to eat as a family as often as possible, although in reality this usually means the kids and I eating together at around 5pm and my husband reheating his portion when he gets home later in the evening. Therefore, many of the recipes you’ll find here are family favourites that kids and adults will enjoy. However, there will always be recipes my kids turn their noses up at but my husband and I like to eat so I'll include those too, along with recipes for healthy mummy lunches (strangely enough, I don’t share my smallest child’s unwavering desire to lunch on cheese spread sandwiches most days). Last of all, as a keen Pinterester and follower of foodie trends, I love to create fun and themed recipes for high-days and holidays, whether it's for a birthday party, school bake sale or seasonal treat.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Go on - pour yourself a cuppa and have a browse!

Louisa  x  

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